Each NFT grants access to the exclusive JK DAO community and voting rights over the DAO's assets.

Mint your NFT

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Price per NFT

0.070 ETH Each

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0.070 ETH

Road Map

Phase 1 - Public Mint

The team will continue to expand during this phase, attracting some of the most respected and influential people in the nft space. the team will also constantly be working on promoting, advertising, and marketing the jk dao everywhere with the goal of completing the public mint. many connections, collaborations, and followings will be used in order to ensure the sell out of the jk dao mint.

Phase 2 - Next Steps

Soon after phase 1 is completed, and thus minting is over, a multi-sig wallet will be setup to ensure that there is no question regarding the security, and safety of all of the dao's wallets. the multi-sig wallet will be made up of roughly 5-8 people, a mix of team members and stand out community members. on top of this, giveaways + missions will be more common during this phase, as we try and celebrate the conclusion of phase 1. on top of all this, phase 2 will be where many of the initial true dao allocations are made, on utility/dao nft's selected by the holders.

Phase 3 - Staking/Fractionalizing

All the dao's assets will be fractionalized and added to the dao vault. a native token will also be created for the fractionalized vault and staking for all jk dao nfts wil be setup and pushed through. you will be able to stake every single one of your keycards for a set amount of our soon to be fractionalized token per day.

Phase 4 - Utility

The team will be working on finding many ways to add utility to the jk dao fractionalized token. this can be many things such as a potential merchandise store, the jk dao becoming a launchpad for new projects, whitelist spots, and so much more. the jk dao team will excercise many connections and relationships here to make our token one of the most utility backed tokens in the space. we hope to add so much utility that the fiat amount of the token itself will be irrelevant, and 1 _ = 1 __ bc of the utility behind it.

Phase 5 - Creatures

The secret lab in the jk facility will unlock, and all active agents will be given the option to create creatures using their jk key cards. these creatures will prove to have an advantage over the jk keycards, and will be generative art, unlike the current keycards. more info regarding this is TBA.


A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization - This means that each member of our awesome community has a voice and say in how our project grows and evolves over time. The JK Facility DAO has formed with the goal of creating shared success amongst its members WAGMI. Admission into the DAO is granted via the ownership of a JK Facility DAO Key Card.

Each JK Facility DAO Key Card grants membership into the exclusive JK Facility DAO community and voting rights over the DAO's assets. Current discussion is that the JK Facility DAO Key Cards can be staked for 10 GEAR/Day.

GEAR tokens provide fractional ownership of the JK DAO Vault . The future utility of GEAR is limitless and we will take community input to take it to the next level. The JK DAO team will be constantly looking for ways to bring utility to $GEAR and its hodlers.

In the future you will need to stake your JK Facility DAO Key Card. Each JK Facility DAO Key Card will earn 10 GEAR/Day (current estimation, may change). For example, 10 JK Facility DAO Key Cards would earn 100 GEAR/Day.

Staking is depositing your JK Facility DAO Key Card into a staking pool smart contract. The contract pays GEAR token rewards while your NFTs are staked. When your keycard is staked it means you cannot interact with is (sell). You can unstake your keycards at anytime, but it means you stop receiving the staking rewards.

Team Members


Franklin - Advisor/Marketing


Dr. Moose - Advisor